The WÆRK Questionnaire | David-Georges Renaud


Introducing The WÆRK Questionnaire, a regular feature in which innovators in culture and technology reveal what makes them tick.

Our first installment features David-Georges Renaud, a co-founder of Lingoji - an app that "injects culture into the characters" we use daily in digital conversations.

What do you do (please describe your work in five words or less)?

Creative solutions to current problems.

What is your favorite artistic genre (and why and how does it influence your daily work)?

I really enjoy my cinematic adventures, what influences me, specifically, are the frames used by Wes Anderson in his movies. The storytelling abilities of Steven Spielberg. The modern editing techniques of Edgar Wright. Christopher Nolan's plots development. The comedy of Will Ferrell... These are the details I look for when watching movies, details that stimulates my mind into thinking that anything is possible, that anything  in my imagination can be brought to life.

What's the best (creative or business) advice you've received?

Wake up early and always persevere. By following this simple method, displaying passion and being persistent, success is achievable. Gotta tirelessly work everyday to better oneself. 

What question do you wish we'd ask (please answer as well)?

I wish we'd touch on aspirations. As for future plans, I want to display my creativity by working for an award-winning agency, collaborate with other creative minds to really be different and disruptive.

What do you wish could be more influential, in the business world? 

I would like platforms like TEDx to be trending like celebrity news. This would require more interesting lectures which would lead to more discussions, more ideas and some of these ideas might flourish into the next big thing. Intelligence should be cultivated, our imaginations must be reminded that they have no limits.