Game Changers: The Drake Devonshire Hotel


We're inspired by the idea of the hotel as a hotbed for culture, as conceived by Toronto's Drake Hotel.  Its satellite, the Drake Devonshire , is "proudly creating our own version of a rural getaway where travelers, culture seekers and neighbours all happily intersect to enjoy the thoughtful contradictions of new and old, rural and urban and sweet and savoury."

Image via the Drake Devonshire website

STEAM Links Tuesday: Van Aken's Trees of 40 Fruit

"How an artist developed an unbelievable tree that grows 40 varieties of fruit."

Via Upworthy

Image via Sam Van Aken's website

"Creative" Doesn't Cut It

Artists and culture bearers, I think it’s time to revise the lexicon; “creative” just doesn’t cut it anymore.   The language of creative economies advanced by Richard Florida, and widely adopted by the tech sector, runs roughshod over the relevance of artists and culture bearers and suppresses their influence.

These “new” creative industries are thriving financially, while the traditional creative industries are witnessing the devaluation of artistic skills and the disappearance of professional opportunities.  There is an inverse relationship between the declining viability of careers in the arts and culture in major U.S. cities and the increase in artistic references (often without attribution or context) in the marketplace. 

We must find the means to articulate the necessity of the artist and the culture bearer in the marketplace, our communities and our individual lives. We must innovate broadly to create opportunities for these highly-skilled professionals.  We must develop language to elevate issues relevant to artists and culture bearers, so they don’t get lost in the shuffle of the creative economies.

WÆRK uses the term “artisanal creative” to refer to artists and culture bearers, but we’d love to hear your suggestions. Please share them in the comments.

Photo by WÆRK