Hot Links | Week of October 23

Photo by Getty Images

Photo by Getty Images

Kind (as in the snack bars) is investing in the development of empathy, through a program funded by its corporate foundation.

Landscape architects and urban planners are pushing human-centered design into life-saving territory.  

Who says there's no critical thinking in Silicon Valley?  Alumni of the world’s tech giants on the pitfalls and perils of the so-called “attention economy”.

Jan Gehl on the relationship between life and form, and the importance of prioritizing the needs of humans and nature, in the development of “good” cities.

The robots are coming for the workforce, unless corporations choose humans’ livelihoods over almighty “efficiency”.   This alarming chart details the jobs that will be eliminated first, and should be a call-to-action for anyone who views it.

Weekly Links | Hopeful Perspectives | Humanity at Work | Participatory Lit Fun

What captured out attention on the web this week?  Opinion pieces, news items and events that are focused on bringing people together through our most fundamental means: art and hope.

We were heartened by Rebecca Solnit’s piece on hopefulness in action, in our tumultuous times.

We were introduced to the work of the Be Human Project and its mission to make the workforce more human-centered.

We marked our calendars for the U.S. Department of Arts and Culture’s participatory lit event this Sunday (July 24th) in Brooklyn, NY.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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