Weekly Links - May 27th, 2016 | The Digital Humanities | Emotion and Experience Design | Enriching Language Through the Untranslatable | Maintaining Creativity | STEAM Power

The humanistic is at the core of our work, and we were encouraged to discover so many interesting perspectives on its role in the digital future.

The LA Review of Books explores the digital humanities with scholar Marisa Parham.

“DX Leader”/AT&T executive Diane Magers articulates the primacy of emotion in customer experience design.

Via BBC Culture: Ella Frances Sanders translates “untranslatable” words and enriches our dehydrated language.

The Guardian asks why our essential, creative nature is “educated out of us” in school, and what the implications are for business.

We love features on STEAM power!  Here’s The Independent on how collaboration between the arts and sciences drive innovation.


Photo by amnachphoto/iStock / Getty Images