Weekly Links - June 10th, 2016 | Jane Jacobs' Influence | Refugee Architects | Rethinking Failure

This year marks both what would be Jane Jacobs’ 100th birthday and the 10th anniversary of her death. As the global population continues its shift into cities, her insights into urban conviviality are more significant than ever. This piece in Metropolitan magazine explores the influence of her human-centered strategies on a few of today’s urbanists.

Residents in France’s Calais refugee camp have transformed their dismal surroundings – by designing vibrant “safe spaces” that enrich community life.   This Guardian article illustrates how the camp’s residents created cafes, bookshops, health clinics and places of worship, using readily-accessible materials to create their own city on the fringes of French life.

We love this quote from musician James Schlefer on “failure” vs. “no”, via the NEA's Art Works blog.

Photo by Viacheslav Krisanov/Hemera / Getty Images