Weekly Links | June 24th, 2016 | Cursive and Cognition | Conference Room Riffing | Human-Focused Innovation by Teens | Samsung and a Human-Focused IoT | Corporations Seeking Heart

I believe businesses should be looking beyond traditional education tracks toward the arts if they want to find the next wave of entrepreneurial talent.
— Michael Hendrix, IDEO

Happy Friday, Everyone!  These are the articles that caught our eyes this week:

The New York Times explores how low-tech handwriting can lead to high-functioning brains.

Fast Company investigates the impact of "Jazz Thinking”, a burgeoning offshoot of Design Thinking.

The Hechinger Report highlights the human-centered designs presented by students at the 2016 EMOTI-CON digital innovation conference.

Technology giant Samsung revealed strategic plans to invest in a Human-Centered Internet of Things.

The Wall Street Journal reports that corporations are beginning to elevate empathy as a strategic priority.