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“In this humility-poor environment, the idea of disruption appeals as a kind of subversive provocation,” she writes. “Too many designers think they are innovating when they are merely breaking and entering.”
— Jessica Helfand Quoted by Allison Arieff in the NYT

We’ve been on hiatus for a couple of weeks, due to a period of intensive research.  But we’re back in the swing once again!

This week, our attention was captured by:

An exploration of the misguided focus that pervades the tech industry.

This piece on the perception of the internet as a force that equalizes pop culture vs. the reality that traditional gatekeepers have harnessed it under their control.

An investigation of the potential for “human-aware” Artificial Intelligence.

A call-to-action for museums to contemplate their places in their communities through socially-aware, empathetic lenses.

Bonus:  A NYT piece from July 4th on the “comeback” of the public library.