Hot Links | Our Favorite Reads of 2017

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As we approach the dawn of a new year, we are reflecting on the lessons of the 2017. Below you will find our "Hottest Links ": the most idea-inspiring articles we encountered this year.

  1. Flung Magazine's Sarah Stodola on travel and life in a world increasingly viewed through the filter of Instagram.
  2. The Guardian's feature of dire warnings from Silicon Valley defectors.
  3. MIT Media Lab's Joichi Ito on improving innovation by creating things with roots that are "more like music than...algorithm".
  4. The dearly missed Createquity on what the humanities can do for humanity.
  5. Our launch of the WÆRK Questionnaire with Lingoji's David-Georges Renaud and Soap Library's Kerry Santullo.
  6. Brain Pickings' Maria Popova on the Telescopic Perspective, and the solace brought by the alchemy of art and science.