Weekly Links - May 6th, 2016

We need imagination to create new, improved and more equitable cities, cities rich with opportunities for all their residents.
— Umberto Crenca

Our favorite stories and posts expose how art improves the everyday – by encouraging us to look at our worlds in new ways.

We’re especially interested in:

An exploration of pop culture’s influence cycle and the multi-layered nature of human innovation, through the lens of David Bowie’s art.

Where many of Toronto’s makers will make their mark: in the city’s Design and Typography Market (opening later this year).

How arts integration is transforming how students grasp math and the sciences in New England.

The importance of making space for creative placemaking in urban planning and development policy.

Searching for Authenticity

Now that business has concerned itself with “authenticity”, the term may become as meaningless as “natural” is (in the context of commerce).  The discussion about authenticity has transcended the start-up sphere and entered the conference rooms of established conglomerates.  Many of these organizations – comprised of layer upon layer of people with similar backgrounds, credentials and points-of-view – don’t know how to “get real. It’s difficult to transparently engage the purchasing public in such insular, isolated conditions.  

Today’s sophisticated consumer seeks truth and transparency, because the relationship between brand and consumer is like never before. Increasingly, what we do and what we buy is connected to the individual identities we cultivate and ultimately transmit to the world.

WÆRK’s business is built upon the belief that the keys to truthful connections between corporations and their customers are held by artists.  It is artists who possess the tools that connect heart and mind, who can reveal the chimerical facts of human existence in practical form, and who can encourage the conscious exchange of goods and services.

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